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茄子加蜂蜜& coconut 面具 pack

什么'这个茄子加蜂蜜& coconut 面具 ? 什么 are the benefits when you use this product? According to their product description, this is an all-in 上 e 皮肤护理 . Achieve that cleans and clear skim, soothe, nourish and moisturize your skill all at 上 ce. This is a Whitening and anti aging 面具 . The formula of this 面具 is for sensitive and easily irritated skin. This eggplant sheet 面具 provides your skin with a soothing burst of moisture and nutrients and gently calms easily irritated, sensitive skin.



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什么 are clay 面具 s? 什么 are its benefits? Well, if you are oily or have an acne-prone skin, this is a must have for you! This will be your bestfriend! 泥面膜 s works by removing the dirt and oil 上 our skin. It also helps in getting rid of harmful toxins in our skin.


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